Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Migrators

This female or immature Rufous Hummingbird showed up and perched on the window feeder in the summer of 2012. It was the first Rufous I identified in my backyard (in SW Idaho) since I had begun bird watching.  They are feisty little things; bullies even.  I had to move my feeder out of the sight of the other feeder, otherwise the Rufous would fly back and forth chasing away any other hummers that needed a taste of the sweet nectar I was offering.  It was fun to watch the interaction with this new visitor added to the mix, but I still wanted them all to get their share.  It worked pretty well.

This is the time of year I will anticipate the possible arrival of the Rufous Hummingbird in my yard again.  Fun!  It's always exciting to see what birds show up and just when I think I've seen all that will come to my yard, a new visitor stops by and makes my day.  

This is only one summer migrator; there are others. Check out this information and map from the blog, to see the migration routes of some unexpected birds this summer that may be coming through your area. 

Shekinah Photography by Kathleen Bowman: Birds &emdash; Rufous Hummingbird

The Rufous Hummingbird is also ABA's 2014 Bird of the Year! 

ABA Bird of the Year

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