Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bottoms Up!

I just had to blog about our Northern Flickers that keep visiting our feeders. I've had so much fun watching them. They are so funny how they feed from the hoppers meant for the finches and sparrows. The hoppers are filled with a mix of seed and thistle that's tailored for birds in our area, along with black oil sunflower seeds. I hope you enjoy these humorous images...

It's so cute to see him flick his tail up on the other side to help him hold on and steady the feeder. This is now what we refer to as, "bottom's up!" We all know when someone says that in our house, that a flicker is at the feeder; of course, we usually know they're in the yard before that since they let us know vocally before going to the feeder.

I just love how the little bird is waiting in the wings for his turn.
**You can see more of my backyard birds by clicking on the title of this post.


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