Thursday, October 29, 2009

Swainson's Hawk (correction-Young Red-Tailed Hawk)

Thought I'd share this image of what I believe I've identified as a Swainson's Hawk. (correction, young red-tailed hawk, thank you Falconry Solutions) Feel free to correct me, those of you who have been birding much longer than I, should I be wrong. This bird was right near the roadside just a couple of miles from our home. Such a pretty bird.


Eric Tabb said...

Nice shot of a young red-tailed hawk. :)

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Eric! :) I have a really hard time telling some of the immature birds apart.

Eric Tabb said...

Yeah, it can be a challenge. The white "trousers" with the prominant brown speckles was my first clue.The white spots on the wings. Can't see the belly band or clear crop with this shot but thats a good one.
Then you get the dark phases of both species that can really trip you up.
They are all gorgeous.


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