Monday, March 29, 2010

The Owl Box

Video streaming by Ustream

I know that some of you may already know about the owl box, but for those of you who don't, here's some basic information. The Owl Box is a live streaming (Ustream) of a mother barn owl, named Molly, in San Marcos, California. Her mate is named McGee and he comes around mainly at night and brings the food to her. Don't be alarmed when he gets on top of her as he arrives. They say it is like a hug, just bonding...but I'll let you decide.

She originally laid 6 eggs, but one was infertile, so she ate it. Of the remaining 5 eggs, 4 have hatched. The first was Max, then Pattison, then Austin and now as of 12:02pm pst Sunday, Wesley. One egg to go and thousands of people tuning in to watch. Many of them were camped out all night last night awaiting little Wesley's arrival. (I was not one of them, I went to bed...finally!)

Disclaimer: Warning! Watching The Owl Box is incredibly rewarding and unsuspectingly addicting. I take no responsibility for any such addiction and shall not be held responsible for the information in this post or embedded video stream, leading to such addiction, nor any subsequent job, sleep loss or other negative outcome as a result of viewers and followers watching the link provided herein. :D

(If you want to watch the birds with the chat going on, use the link or the large arrow in the middle of the video screen above this post. To just watch the video stream in the current window, click on the small arrow.)'ve been warned! :D


Bill S. said...

Great video. I am just waiting for seven owl nests to hatch.

Kathleen said...

The feed was off two nights ago and some people were going a little crazy without being able to see Molly and her owlets.

7 nests! What fun! I hope you get to see some of the little ones.


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