Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Falcon Cam Update-chicks have hatched!

I've been lagging a bit on the falcon updates. I've been too busy schooling my daughter, and watching and shooting birds to be on the computer much lately. Here's a quote from the Boise, Idaho Peregrine Falconcam website,

5/25/10: "Hatching has begun! Two chicks could be seen in the nest early this morning. The tiny birds are covered with white downy feathers. They are unable to regulate their body temperatures for up to two weeks, so they will stay under the adults for warmth. See our Facebook page for pictures of the chicks."

These birds are so gorgeous and it's such a great privilege to be able to view into this nest and watch what goes on and see the chicks. Fun stuff! Make sure you tune in to see the chicks and maybe even see an egg hatch!

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