Friday, April 16, 2010

Downtown Boise Peregrine Falcons!

This age of webcams is so awesome! You may already be watching Molly, the barn owl and her four owlets, I mentioned in my other post with embedded webcam. There are webcams for just about any bird you could possibly want to see nesting. There are some great Bald Eagle nests on Catalina Island and the Osprey nests. Too much fun! Just remember that this is raw nature and anything can happen; even tragic things.

Our local Peregrine pair has their first egg of this year, as of 9:19am. local time this morning.(MST) Two or three more eggs can be expected, generally every other day. This is so exciting! HERE'S THE LINK for the webcam so you can stay updated and see them for yourself. You can also become a fan of the Peregrine Fund on Facebook.

Here is an image I took last summer of the Peregrine pair perched on a downtown building, where their nest is located. Enjoy your viewing!


Birding is Fun! said...

Thanks for the tip on the egg being laid. I watched her for a bit last night and wondered if an egg was coming soon.

Kathleen said...

So exciting, hu? I'm hoping to get some photos from the parking garage when the little ones fledge.


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