Friday, April 16, 2010

Night Birding

We went out just before dark tonight and checked on the burrowing owls. Nothing amazing to report. Just after dark we saw the GHO (Great horned owl) sitting in the nest, but no sign of the other. Most likely out hunting. We then saw a male barn owl on a post as we drove by. It had prey. On our way back home, another male barn owl flew right across and in our headlights, again carrying prey, and boy was he beautiful! We feel so blessed to have seen him. So close and so awesome! It was especially fun because I've been watching Molly & Magee on Ustream at The Owl Box, which I've previously blogged about. We also saw two foxes. What a cool night.

Tomorrow morning I will get to see the Long eared owl. I will add this bird to my life list, and hopefully get a couple of photos to share with you all.

Happy birding!

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